Well, I would if they would pay me, but I cannot at this time be a provider. I am a Colorado CHP+ provider. If you are medicaid qualified, still call and we might be able to work out acceptable payment arrangements. I want you to have the birth that you want so will try not to let money stand in the way of that.


I am a Colorado CHP+ provider.  Your plan must be on the state managed plan and if you are not on that plan, ask CHP to change it.  You will be asked to pay for the birth assistant since the plan will not reimburse for that.  We can discuss this at our consultation.


I am always out of network, so find out what your out of network deductible it and we will discuss how you can self-file.

Payment plans:

Most midwives expect to have their fee paid by the time of baby’s birth.  Ask about flexibility if that is not possible.  We will work out an acceptable arrangement at our first prenatal visit.  Bartering may also be available if you have a skill or trade that is of interest to the midwife.  All you have to do is ask!

Let’s talk about the other questions that you have. I would love to see you have the birth that you want and can be very flexible. That is what midwifery care is all about.

(970) 460-6268

Lynnette.d.Chambers @ gmail . com

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