Individualized Care for You and Your Baby

Are you looking for more personal care during your pregnancy?       Would you like to know who will attend your birth?       Would you like in home postpartum care and breastfeeding help?

If this appeals to you, please call Lynnette Chambers, RM CPM for your free initial consultation.  We will discuss your home birth options and answer your questions about getting personalized care for you and your baby.

(970) 460-6268

 Lynnette.d.chambers @

I have office hours in Greeley, where I work from my home.  I am available for home births all over the front range including Wyoming.  Distance is usually not a problem when it comes to birth day, and I may have flexibility with office space in multiple locations for consultations and for prenatal care.

Home birth midwifery care

  • What makes home birth midwifery care different? Time! Prenatal visits last about an hour, and that is not time spent in the waiting room. By the time baby’s birth day comes along, we will have spent over 10 hours together talking about your needs, your birth, and your baby. Bring the kids, they are welcome, too.
  • I like to begin care with you by the time you are 12 weeks along, if possible (late transfers are accepted). At the first prenatal visit we will do paperwork, order or draw the prenatal labs, do a baseline physical exam, talk about nutrition, and answer questions. This first visit often takes two hours, or can be split up if necessary.
  • After the initial visit we meet monthly until 28 weeks. For the third trimester, we start out with appointments every 2 weeks until your home visit at 36 weeks. At the home visit you will meet the birth team, I will bring your birth kit, and we inspect your other birth supplies that have been gathered. We also spend some time talking about getting ready for your birth. I like to do the prenatal home visit when dad will be there if he hasn’t been able to come to prenatal visits. After the home visit, prenatal visits continue weekly to keep track of mom’s and baby’s well-being.
  • After the baby is born, the birth team will stay with you for 2-4 hours to be sure all is well. I personalize the postpartum visits to your needs, but will visit in the first 36 hours for sure. We do the newborn metabolic screen (PKU) on day 2  in your home.

This is the kind of service and care you can expect for your birth:

Full informed consent about tests and procedures.

Electronic medical records with full access by you, the client.  Private Practice

Telephone availability with the midwife when you need it.

Birth preparation, lending library, referrals to classes and additional support.

At least one well trained assistant or another midwife at your birth.

Oxygen and resuscitation equipment (and training).

TENS unit for minor pain relief.

Water birth pool and the supplies and equipment to use it. This is a La Bassine pool.

Miscellaneous supplies, herbs, and my experience and knowledge!

I provide your birth kit- these are the birth specific  supplies that are used only for your birth.

Help with insurance billing.

Payment plans accepted.

Filing of the birth certificate to the state.

A personal keepsake birth certificate with foot prints.

Postpartum visits done in your home in the first two weeks- more if necessary.

Lactation expertise provided by the birth team.

Childbirth preparation classes, especially focusing on achieving a natural birth with any provider- home or hospital birth.

  • Birth classes are available at an additional fee.  I know many educators of differing teaching styles to suit your needs.

Expert breastfeeding assistance.

  • This is included if you are a client for home birth or doula services.  If you are not a current client, then lactation help can be provided.  Please call for a consultation and needs assessment.

Doula labor support

  • For those who are planning a hospital birth, doula labor support is available.  If you are considered high risk, having a midwife as your doula can be very beneficial.  Please call me to find out about availability.

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